Songstuff has ranked either number 1 or 2 for Songwriting Community and Songwriting Forum for
more than 2 years.

Songstuff has 12,500 members. This is currently growing 400 – 600 per month, but the growth rate
is increasing. Our aim is to grow the site membership to 50k in 12 months, 200k in 24 months.
It displays 160k – 180k pages per month.

We are adding products and services that will continue the growth of membership, the include
information products, training products, mentoring products, software products for desktop and
mobile platforms, a professional Music PR service, publicity consultancy, song plugging service,
song writing and recording service, Songstuff Publishing and Songstuff Records.

We are increasing our engagement with the established music industry and expanding our areas of
operation at all levels amateur, semi-professional and professional covering a wide range of
disciplines from writing a song, through arrangement, performance, recording and production, to
music management, marketing, promotion, PR, distribution, plugging, publishing and record label
activities. Our products and services target education, skills development, implementation support
and automation, plus fulfilment.


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