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The Secrets Of Making Music

Making music is much more than writing a song. It might seem obvious but it worth stressing there are many links in the chain between having an initial idea for a song and having a popular chart hit.

Bands and music artists are now being advised to pursue a music career as independent artists. No longer is getting signed to a major record label the recommended action. With so many tools available via a computer bands already have most components of a small label at their finger tips. The internet has played a large part in levelling the playing field.

The modern songwriter or musician has to be the master of so many skills in order to be successful. Songwriting, recording, music production, music publishing, band management, distribution, music law, music marketing and music promotion, performance to name a few. That’s a lot of know-how.

Do you want to improve your songwriting skills?

Do you want to turn your song into a hit?

You need experienced people you can talk to. Experienced songwriters and musicians, producers, band managers, label owners, music marketers, all sharing their experience with you.

Help For The Music Maker

How valuable would it be to you to have access to:

  • Help with any aspect of your music career
    • Songwriting tips
    • Music industry advice for songwriters, bands and musicians
    • Audio recording and audio mixing
    • Music production tips and techniques
    • Music marketing and music marketing plans
    • Music promotion – both free and paid
    • A growing resource for songwriters, bands, musicians and music industry professionals
  • Songwriting Tips and Info
    • From writing song lyrics and melody to harmony and musical arrangement
    • Learning about song structure, creating song hooks and MUCH more
  • Active Community Of Songwriters, Musicians And Music Industry Professionals
    • Global resource with musicians from all over the world
    • All levels of experience from beginners to professionals
    • Friendly and helpful
    • Integrated with Social Networks
  • Lyrics Critique, Song Critique and Recording and Production Critique
    • Receive – Post your material and our members and site crew will respond.
    • Give – Develop your own skills in making music and help others too

Songstuff is your essential music resource!

Don’t wait.

You have questions – Songstuff has answers. Providing all of the above and much more.

Making your music successful has never been this easy to achieve!

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